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Inside Edition



"'Linsanity,' the biographical documentary about Jeremy Lin, the U.S. basketball phenomenon of Taiwanese descent, is set for an Oct. 11 theatrical release in Taiwan."


"Ketchup Entertainment has acquired Evan Jackson Leong’s “Linsanity” and will release the documentary on Oct. 4. The Jeremy Lin doc, which premiered at Sundance, will launch in Boston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco along with 10 to 15 other cities."



"The reaction that many people had to Lin’s miraculous ascent was so intense, so filled with ecstatic joy, because fandom works in many ways similar to that of religious fealty."


"It’s a winning mixture of sports drama and immigrant-made-good story."


 "'Linsanity' would end up getting into Sundance and receiving rave reviews"


"As Houston hosted NBA All-Star Weekend, Lin launched the Jeremy Lin Foundation, which aims to help underprivileged youths."


"The film received a standing ovation at Sundance."

Los Angeles Times

"Uber inspirational tale"

USA Today

"12,000 films submitted to Sundance this year - 119 films selected"

The Hollywood Reporter

"A sports doc with abundant heart persuasively chronicles the emergence of a global phenomenon"


 "An example of long-term documentar filmmaking paying off in ays few could have anticipated"

The Los Angeles Times

"One of the most crowd-pleasing documentaries to play the festival this year"

The Salt Lake Tribune

"Filmmaker Evan Jackson Leong has made a very good documentary about a great story"

SF Gate

"the already much-hyped triumphs of NBA phenom Jeremy Lin were met with new cheers and arms thrust into the air at key moments"

Wall Street Journal

" Leong said he was happy to have worked on a film that brought their community together" 


"Jeremy Lin conquered Harvard, the NBA and Sundance "

Huffington Post

"I think it was something that had never happened and not just from a basketball standpoint" 

San Jose Mercury News

"A little more than a year after the birth of "Linsanity," point guard Jeremy Lin returns to where it almost didn't begin."

Christian Post

"[...] the Christian guard is still thanking God for his opportunities"

Wall Street Journal

"Linsanity [...] starts off by underscoring just how huge and wildly implausible this leap really was."


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